Asiana Airlines - Boeing 777-200 - 06.07.2013

Date & Time 06.07.2013 :: 11:28
Country USA
Location San Francisco-Intl AP ( KSFO), CA
Airline Asiana Airlines
A/C Type Boeing 777-200
A/C Register HL7742
Flight Number OZ 214
From Seoul
To San Francisco

In good weather conditions, the aircraft crashed while attempting to land on runway 28L. It appeared the aircraft descended below the approach path until the maingear hit the seawall short of the runway threshold and a few meters to the right of the extended centreline. It lost its entire undercarriage and the tail broke off immediately behind the aft pressure bulkhead. The plane came to rest about 300 meters further about 20 meters to the left of runway 28L near taxiway "Foxtrott". The fuselage ground looped about 30 degrees until it came to rest. A fire erupted in the middle and foreward cabin section which destroyed the hull of the aircraft. Emergency vehicles responed immediately. There were at least two fatalities. 175 passengers safely evacuated themselves via slides and remained unhurt. Tthere were 82 people at hospitals 10 of them in critical condition. SFO Airport has been closed for hours. A number of long haul flights from Europe had been diverted to Oakland Airport. NTSB has begun its investigation. According to an NTSB statement the day after the accident, the flight was cleared for a visual approach to runway 28L(eft). The target speed for the final approach was set to 137 Knots. About 7 seconds before the impact a crewmember called for more speed. Three seconds later the sound of stickshaker activation was audible indicating a loss of lift around the wings because of insufficient speed. 1,5 seconds before the first collision with the seawall a crewmember was heared calling for a go around.. NOTE: The ILS and the glidepath of runway 28L were unserviceable at the time of the accident.[NOTAM/FAA] NOTE2: This accidents marks the 3rd hull loss occurence for Asiana Airlines and the 3rd hull loss for a Boeing 777 aircraft. Also it is the first fatal accident for the Boeing 777.