I H.ARABNEJAD the managing director of Mahan Air , declare the following for myself and on be half of the board, the top managment echelon and all staff.

all of us in Mahan unreservedly believe in the intrinsic values reposed in safety in all our performance, actions , decisions, considerations and belifs.

in the name of the Amighty , we declare we will spare no effort, resources, and enegy in our continuous pursuit to attain the highest standards of safety in all our aeras of business and operations activities to rech a position where will be second to none in the industry.

the managment will assume ultimate responsibility and accountability to create an environment and , conditions that shall foster our belif in safety that translates in to tangible safety performance.

we at the higher echelons of managment will strive to provide every conceivable resource, training, policies procedures, programs, systems, tools and processess for the culture of safety to be permeated all levels of personnel and adopted and practiecd by them totally and whole haertedly.

the managment, genuinely belives that safety is not coast and liability but a revenue booster and asset-if not in the immediate term, certainly in the mid to longer term. the managment realizes that safety is good economic , and ethical and highly moral imperative.

we know safety and efficiency are not objectives in confilict but muatually and complemetarily reinforcing and supprtive of each other.

thus, the processes and procedure of all aspects of mahan staff's work and activities will have safety as an ingrained element.

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